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Busy with schoolwork [hexed against Mum] not...[/hexed] [06 Apr 2006|04:32pm]
[ mood | bored ]

I can't believe I lost this thing. Life just moves too fast, what with schoolwork and studies and all. I just was in the library far too much, I forgot about this. Oh dear.

[Hexed against Mum]

Yeah Mum's just owled me asking where I've been and why I haven't written. Hyprocrite she is, using words she tells all of us not to use. I suppouse she's worried what with the war (war, it's odd to call it that) and all.

So no, I haven't been studying this whole time. Who does that besides Hermione. I've just been hanging around the castle chatting, flying, sitting through and skiving off classes. (Gred and Forge, your boxes were a lifesaver in History of Magic yesterday, if I hear Binns say, "the goblin rebellion" one more time, I will die.)

I'm quite bored. The common room has been quite quiet lately, I suppouse it's those NEWTS. (I'm thrilled I have a year before I have to take them, and will gladly make fun of anyone who has to.) Does anyone fancy going for a walk or a fly sometime? Or perphaps down to the Alley?


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Quidditch congratulations are in order [25 Jan 2006|10:32am]
Congratulations to Ravenclaw on the first quidditch win of the season! [Private to Gryffindors] Although we'll beat them good, when we have our first Claw-Gryff match. [/Private] I can't wait to get out there and play for Gryffindor next match.

[Hexed against Slytherins, Harry, anyone older than Bill]
I think Harry and I just broke up....because of his need to be noble. I figured I might as well tell you all, as the whole school will probably know by the end of the day anyway, with the mouths my roommates have. And I figured you might as well have the true story, which is that Harry wants to be alone to fight You-Know-Who and doesn't want me to get hurt. It's all really quite sweet of him, which doesn't change the fact that I want to hit him. so it would be great if you all did us both a favor and kept this out of the spotlight, ok?

[Private to Bill]
You happy now?
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Merlin...I can hardly believe it... [16 Jan 2006|07:31pm]
[ mood | shocked ]

I can't believe what just happened. I just want to say, that we're all going to miss Adrian Pucey. He was a good person and he didn't judge people by houses or classes. And he taught us not to judge by houses either. We did at that point. We immediately thought Slytherins were evil or mean in some way. Rest in peace Adrian!

[Hexed against Slytherins and anyone older than Bill]

Damn. I can't believe it. I can't belive we just stood there, and no one did anything. We should have been able to stop him. But why wasn't anyone there anyway, we were left by ourselves again, and I'm almost beggining to believe the Slytherins when they ask, why Dumbledore let this happen again. But then I kick myself because I know that Dumbledore did his best, and that You-Know-Who is simply mental and evil, and doesn't see reason. I still can't believe Pucey's dead. I went to the ball with him last year. Ron and Harry, remember you freaked out? It was hillarious though.

And everyone else that got hurt too. Ron, Harry, Bill, Zach, Jack, to name just a few. I'm writing this in the Hospital Wing and even though I know they'll be alright [Private to Hermione] They will be alright won't they? [/Private] it's so scary. I mean just a few more moments they could have all been dead. I could have been dead. Kinda puts the whole world in perspective doesn't it?

Anyway I'm glad everyone's ok besides Adrian. And we'll get through this. We have a million times before. Good job out there everyone! And Harry's said DA's starting back up, so this attack just means we'll be working that much harder, right?


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New Year's Eve... [31 Dec 2005|04:46pm]
[ mood | blah ]

and I'm not at all as happy as you're meant to be. I'm here at the Burrow and missing Hogwarts and Harry quite a lot. Mum's gone and invited Auntie Flo and Cousin Mafalda who are just awful people. That dratted women pinches my cheeks constantly and goes on about how, 'her Malfalda' won this and did that for ages. Then the girl...she's just a horror. Ron, remember when I was six and you were seven and she got into our toys...well let's just say I could never look the same way at my dolls again.

I can't wait to get back to Hogwarts. Bill, Mum says I could go back early if you take me on the Knight Bus or something? Think that could be arranged? Please, Bill, it's bloody crazy here.

How has everyone else's holiday been? I suppouse you're all doing something better for New Year's Eve then being cooped up in the attic because your family's taken all the rooms, and you're stuck in the twins, in which the mirror says odd things in the middle of the night.

[Private to Jack]Oy, Jack what's this about Ron and giggling? Sounds like good blackmail, indeed. [/Private]

[Private to Harry]Sorry I haven't been responding to your owls, as you see in this entry, it's been crazy. I miss you so much though, and I can't wait to get back to Hogwarts and see you. [/Private]

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Happy Christmas! [22 Dec 2005|03:42pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Did this week even happen? It seemed almost surreal. I kissed him, he kissed me, he asked me to the ball, we fought, we fought some more, we apologized, and now..now what? I suppouse we're dating? I don't know but I think I really like him, Harry. I thought I got over that crush I had on him, and I did. Because that crush was on The Boy Who Lived, who I didn't even know. But over the past two years, I've got to know Harry really well, we've become friends, and now...we're a couple. I guess. I really do like him. I feel terrible about Neville though, he's really so sweet, I have the feeling whereever he's been he hasn't meant to ignore me. And when he finds out, will he be hurt? I know I have to tell him, but I don't want to. And what about my brothers? Thank merlin, George was ok with it. Ron, however, will very likely freak out. And Bill. But I really like him.

[Private to Harry]
You know you don't have to stay at Hogwarts if you don't want to. Mum loves you, I'm sure she'd be happy to have you. I'll miss you.

[Private to George]
Thanks. For not saying anything weird or threatening to Harry, I mean. The others would've. So thanks. Oh and thank you for spiking the punch as well, Sloper was mental unspiking it.

Happy Christmas everyone! Hope you all had a great time at the Ball. I did. Where are you all going for

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Winter already? [03 Dec 2005|02:52pm]
It's December already. I can't believe it, I've let this thing sit like this so long. The castle looks beautiful all covered in snow and ice. Anyone up for a snowball fight? Of course you wouldn't be cause I would so kick your arses.

[Hexed against Colin]
It's Colin Creevey's birthday on the 7th and well, he needs a new camera. I was thinking maybe some of us could pitch in and get him one, maybe throw a small party? I know a lot of you who don't hang out with him still think of him as the annoying bloke who followed around Harry Potter as a kid, but he's grown you know, and he's really good at taking pictures, so I'm just thinking it would be nice. Anyone up for it?

I love this season, the holidays will be coming up soon, and the Yule Ball. We're still having the ball this year right, despite all the...well you know...stuff going on with You-Know-Who? We have to!
However holidays also seems to mean more work to compensate. Ernie if you're having another one of those study sessions I'd definetely come. I'll even try not to punch you for being so pumpous, but no promises...

[Private] I haven't seen Neville around lately, and while I miss him of course, I'm getting quite tired of out almost romance. I want to feel completely free to flirt and snog. And I feel like doing so, even though he might still...you know...think we're going to, like, date or something. Am I mean? I don't think so, it's his own fault for bloody ignoring me. [/Private]
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Halloween ball and quidditch [19 Oct 2005|09:31am]
[ mood | excited ]

Halloween's coming soon and with it the Ball. Should be great fun, the hall's always decorated so nicely, and Dumbledore says something crazy like Nitwit or Tweak, merlin knows what he means. But I guess he's saying something smart and witty we just don't get it. Plus when he says it a huge feast appears, so no one's complaining. Now the important thing is my costume. Should I go evil as Morgana Le Fay or go with the nicer (and perphaps a bit more boring) Cliodna? Opinions needed here. [Private to Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw girls] And is this a date thing? Because if so, I'll need to figure that out. [/private]

Congratulations to all those who made the quidditch team! I can't wait till the season starts, should be great!

Anyway, I'm bored and procrasinating studies. If anyone wants to do anything, do let me know!

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Quidditch... [27 Sep 2005|01:26pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

I'm so glad quidditch tryouts are coming up, I can't wait to start playing quidditch again. Anyone trying out, that I know? Good luck all.

[Private to Ron]
Any good prospects this year?

Other than that life's been boringly normal. The party was fun, or at least I thought so. Sixth year is getting increasingly harder, but I'm still gloating about the fact we have no huge end of year exams. OWLS were enough of a horror.

Anyone want to go outside for a fly or something sometime, preferably now, I can't do Potions all in one sitting now can I? In otherwords my head hurts like hell, help!

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Hello Hoggy Hoggy Hogwarts! [05 Sep 2005|04:17pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Hoggy Hoggy Hogwarts! We're back. It seems like we just got out, summer went by so quickly, but being back is ok. I get to see everyone again, which is lovely.

[Private to Students & brothersFred & George brothers]
I'm so glad it's sixth year! No OWLS and no NEWTS, the teachers are laying off us a bit. Luckily! Prefect duties are alright. I'm glad Colin's the other prefect. The first years this year are quite small and rather needy too though. And Peeves seems to have a vendetta against the prefects as always, he spent half an hour trying to hit be with Dungbombs. Didn't get me though, I got him with a rather well placed hex.

Not much else to say but remember Room of Requirement, September 10th, you'd better all be there! Hermione and all those who feel you need to study lay off for a night, school's just begun, OWLS and NEWTS aren't for months. It will be fun!

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Party! Private to all students at Hogwarts, Fred & George [26 Aug 2005|11:22am]
I haven't written in bloody ages. Let's see it's just been a rather normal Burrow summer. Hermione, Harry, and The Order my parent's friend's rushing in and out. Plus my brothers and the rest of my family, Cousin Malfada is a horror. Bill followed me around to Diagon Alley, friends houses, and everywhere else. Oh and I played a lot of quidditch.

Mum insisted on invited half the family for my birthday, which was the 11th by the way. So what with being pinched on the cheeks by tons of aunts, asked the same questions by uncles, and teased by cousins it was a rather tedious party all in all. So I'm going to throw myself another our first Saturday at Hogwarts. A sort of back to school/birthday/nolongerbeingfollowedaroundby Billallday/wecantspendallourtimeworryingaboutyouknowwho/owlsareover blowout. You are all invited, except some of you Slytherins, but I don't even care, I'm excited, come crash if you like. It'll be in the Room of Requirement, if you need instructions let me know. Fred and George you will come on over too right and bring some things? Excellent.

So see you all at Hogwarts!

EDIT: I've checked my school letter. We take the Hogwarts express next Sunday Sept. 4th so the party is hereby set for the 10th of September, we'll celebrate a week of school completed!

[Private to Colin]
We're prefects! Hooray! Though it's rather a drag sometimes. Didn't want to mention it in my normal entry as Hermione's going mental about not being Head Girl, but I just wanted to say Congratulations and all that. [/Private]
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Hexed against Slytherins minus Adrian, parents [25 Jul 2005|09:52am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Hello all. Not much happening, spending my weeks at the Burrow and my weekends in Diagon Alley. I'm writing because, well I've gotten my OWL scores. And I'm going to open them right now and share them with you all, I have no idea why. I mean, I know I don't need OWLS that's obvious with the twins and what they've done, so part of me doesn't care what I get. But if I don't get enough OWLs there's so many thing's I can't do. I mean I can't be an Auror, a Healer, and tons of other things, and Mum would obviously be dissapointed. Well here goes.
OWL scoresCollapse )
I actually did it. Seven OWLS, that's just as many as Ron, not to mention the twins. Two Os as well and Four Es, only one A, and two Ps. Do you know what this means? It means I can do anything I want for NEWTS really, Astronomy and HOM aren't very important subjects, are they? Well for careers, obviously they are, I mean, I'm just so happy! I can't believe I actually did it! Now, I just have to decide what it is I want to do.

Anyone want to meet me in Diagon Alley to celebrate?

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Hexed against Slytherins minus Adrian [14 Jul 2005|06:07pm]
Did you all see the article in the Prophet about Harry? It's so bloody...infuriating I mean as if Harry hasn't got enough problems.

Planning to stop by Diagon Alley this weekend, have to make sure the twins aren't killing Ron, and I'm gonna meet Neville, so if anyone's planning to be there let me know, so I can at least have a chat with you all.

Oh and I think I'll stop by the thing at Jack's this weekend too, I mean it's good to talk about all this I think.
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Summer [09 Jul 2005|09:27pm]
[ mood | indifferent ]

Summer's been fine. Sorry I haven't been writing.

[Screened from Mum]
Yeah. Mum's making me write, she says if I don't I'll fail, and then I can't get a job in the Ministry or whatever bloody place she wants me to get a job, not that the Ministry was any help, you know?
I s'pouse you all know what happened to me on the night of the attacks, it was, what, weeks ago now? I guess I couldn't write, cause then it would seem like this actually happened. Katie, Allison, Justin, Gerrad, Susan C., Lisa. They're all gone. Even the people I didn't like Sydney, Katy, Gaston, Pansy..I can't believe they're actually...dead. They were all way too young to die.

As for me I'm fine, really I am. Mum's been keeping an eagle eye on me, as have a bunch of other people. But Madame Pomfrey fixed me up, and I'm ok, well I'll be ok at least.

I'll talk to you guys soon I suppouse. I've just been sort of thinking a lot, the past couple days, and well Mum's going to force me out soon, so I'll probably be showing up on a few doorsteps, seriously though.

Are you all alright, I should have asked sooner? Please let me know, what's been going on?

I can't believe I was so stupid. Bill seemed strange yet I followed him, he is my brother I know, but still. I became the damsel in distress, yet AGAIN and they all had to save me and get hurt in the process. I hate being in the position, not being able to do anything. It was terrible. It was...

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Hogsmeade [13 Jun 2005|10:19am]
[ mood | worried ]

[Hexed against Slytherins except Adrian]
Merlin! I can't believe what just happened. Is everyone alright? Please tell me everyone's alright. Harry wrote a journal entry, and Ron commented so I guess they're alright even though they both went down and are in the Hospital Wing. Other than that I have no idea what really happened, I was at Zonkos, I couldn't see anything else. It was crazy, I can hardly believe it happened. Does anyone know exactly what did happen? It was scary, and suprising and well I'm alright in case anyone was wondering.

 [Private] I was at Zonkos with Neville and Neville..clumsy old Neville, saved me. I heard Bellatrix shout Crucio, I thought...and then Neville. I wanted to keep fighting, but he pulled me inside. Which was the right thing to do and probably saved me again, I might have died trying to keep fighting. I don't know what to say to him, I mean he was bloody brilliant. I feel like there are two sides of my mind.
Angel Ginny: I think...I think I fancy Neville.
 Devil Ginny: Bugger off Ginny, this is no time to be fancying someone especially some stupid clumsy boy like Neville, remember when he took you to the Yule Ball and stepped on your toes?
Angel Ginny: Yes, but he was also rather charming at the Yule Ball and...he saved me.
Devil Ginny: But you didn't need to be saved, you can take care of yourself.
Angel Ginny: Usually, not this time.
Devil Ginny: What if it was one of your brothers? You'd be furious at them!
Angel Ginny: Yeah, I would. (Angel Ginny looks rather dreamy.)
What am I going on about? Fancy Neville?!? Thank merlin, I charmed this private!

[Private to Weasleys] Are you all alright? Ron? Bill? Percy? They said you went down Ron, but they won't let anyone into the Hospital Wing. You are alright? Right? Thanks Bill. I don't know what to to say to what you wrote in your journal. I guess...I'm proud of you to. That sounds bloody ridiculous but it's true. As for Percy, were you affected at all? And Bill and Percy both, what exactly happened and why? No one seems to know. And as for those of you nowhere near here Fred, George, Mum, Charlie, I'm alright. Really. I love you all! [/Private]

[Private to Neville]
Errmm...Neville. I just wanted to say you were...bloody brilliant out by Zonkos. I mean, you saved me from the Crucio Curse, so, well, thanks. And I guess that pulling me back in was the right thing to do, sorry I got angry at you at the time, I was just so into everything, wanting to save everyone. I don't know... [/Private]

Sorry if this entry sounds a bit disoriented, I am rather disoriented, I can't believe what just happened, actually happened.

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OWLS [10 Jun 2005|11:01am]
[Private to Ron] I made up with Hermione, happy now? She was only doing it because she was worried and she apologized. And if you say you told me so I'll tell Fred and George to turn you into a canary- permanently. They would too.

As for Bill, I talked to him. He was really worried that something was going to happen, like all of us are, a little, every year's end something does. I wonder if something happened, it was all so sudden and he seemed so worried and scared. Maybe it's just the Percy thing.

[/Private to Ron]

OWLS are over, thank merlin. It was nearly a week of torture. I think I did alright. We'll see though won't we? I'm worried about Potions and Transfiguration. But I think I passed them as well, even though my potion looked a bit green and it was suppoused to be blue, and my goblet still had a whisker or two. Ah, well.

Hogsmeade's tommorow, should be fun. And then we've got the Quidditch game, I can't wait.

[Private to Gryffs] And the party tommorow, it's gonna be great! Really! I can't wait! Perphaps I'm a bit too excited....[/private to gryffs]
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Open/ Private to Ron [05 Jun 2005|06:59pm]
[Hexed against Slytherins] [Hexed against Hermione/Parvarti][Private to Ron] So I'm going to talk to Hermione. I am really. I'm making this private to you cause if I don't someone will tell either Hermione or Parvarti, who I'm sure is going to go completely wild on me. She's loving this TOOTHE ideal, we even talked to the house elves the other day, and really Ron they're all for it, they don't like SPEW. At all. Even Dobby much. Anyway you know already so you might as well read this, you won't tell Hermione though, will you?

I'm a bit worried how Hermione will take it, but I suppouse Ron's right, she'll be fine with it. I mean, Hermione's not a mean person really, we've been really mean to her. But really, the house elves DONT like SPEW. Anyway after I talk to Bill tonight, I'll come back to the dorm and talk to her. I have a feeling the talk with Bill's going to be rather serious as well, he seemed a bit off, so I'll be in a serious talk mood maybe? Ah well.

[/Hexed against everyone but Ron]

So studying's going a bit better. I think I might actually pass one of my OWLS. Just kidding about that obviously. I should be able to pull an OWL in everything but Potions and History of Magic so I'm studying up on those now. [Private to SELF] Pro of making up with Hermione- I can borrow HOM notes, I took terrible ones. [/Private] I just want exams to be over. A sentiment that I'm sure is shared by all the students. I need to party and play quidditch, I'm ready for summer.
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Questions and Summer [02 Jun 2005|09:37pm]
[ mood | awake ]

[Private to those students who know about the DA & Order]

I've just seen this in Adrian's journal:
Now, I don't know if one exists, but if there is an organization outside of the Ministry that is fighting in this war, I'd like to speak with them. I'm hoping that my metriculation will not keep me from being able to fight on the right side.
So, we need to think before answering him. I mean there's the Order of the Pheonix, obviously. But we can't tell him about it, can we? I mean it's not our secret to tell. But then again, he did sign the pact and all.


I just want exams to be over. Then it will be time for the Pre Match Party, and then the match (which we WILL win, we have to win), then more partying, and then we leave. Summer. Ron's been complaining about how he has to spend his summer with Fred & George, which makes me think, what'll I do this summer? Just hang around bored at the Burrow I guess. But I'm still looking foward to it. Hot weather, swimming, I love the summer. [Hexed against brothers/parents, Slytherins except Adrian Pucey] But if Ron's not home, then Hermione and Harry won't be there, and Fred and George won't be there, and Percy won't be there, and Bill and Charlie won't be there, I don't know if I can spend the whole summer with only my parents, no that won't do at all. Ah well I'll figure it out. [/hexed]

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Yay for the weekend (although I'll probably spend it all studying) [28 May 2005|05:29pm]
[Private to Self]
I hope Mum doesn't worry too much when she gets Ron's owl. It's all quite silly, really. I mean, I understand Bill's view, it almost seems like Percy doesn't care about Allison at all. But I understand Percy too, Bill's accusing him of not caring about Allison at all, when maybe he's just...confused. But, it's all just stupid really, because if something were to happen, while they were still fighting...I don't even want to think about it. [/private]

[Private to Parvarti]
What are we going to do about TOOTHE, no one seems to be showing much interest. What we need to do I think, maybe, is show it for what it really is, I mean a lot of people don't like Hermione, and could recruit people, ya know? They wouldn't really have to get involved with anything about boring house elves at all, and instead of worrying about getting on Hermione's bad side, they could embrace being on her bad side.

But that's probably a very bad idea.

[Hexed against Slytherins]
So the study group went pretty well, at least I understand some stuff a bit now. I do hope I do alright on OWLS, were they this stressful when all of you who've taken them already took them? I'll be so glad when OWLS are over, and the qudditch match and everything starts.

[Gryffindors only]
Don't forget June 5th, Pre Quidditch Party! It's coming up fast! And then the match, I can't wait. We will beat Hufflepuff, we have to beat them. Can I get a Gryffindor cheer?
[/gryffindors only]
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Another Tuesday... [24 May 2005|12:23pm]
[Hexed against Slytherins except Pucey]
Study Group
Me and Justin are having a study group in the library study room Thursday, so I'm hereby inviting you all. If the journals are any indication everyone seems to be having trouble with studies lately, I know I am with OWLS. So yeah, anyone can come and we'll try to understand the stuff. No guarentee will get anywhere but it will be more fun then studying alone and not getting anywhere.

[Gryffindors Only]
And don't forget pre-match party, June 5th all night long, then we'll sleep all day and the quidditch match is the 7th. Pratices are going better, we can beat Hufflepuff guys!
[/gryffindors only]

[Private to Ron]
Oy, Ron, left a comment in your journal also. Just saw Bill and Percy's argument in Percy's journal. What was going on there? They both said some really harsh things. You did good there with Bill though, seriously that was really sweet Ron. He still seemed mad though, and Percy was obviously. Do you think we should...do something? I mean, you're right what you said there, we need our family and if they keep fighting and something happens...it's just that they have the Weasley temper, you've seen them fight before, so have I, they're not gonna give in easily and like I said I couldn't believe some of the things BOTH of them said, I don't think they meant them. And if it lasts till summer, which it's bound too, and then Mum sees, she'll know of course, and she'll worry more and she's already worrying so much. I'm panicking aren't I? It's their affair and I probably shouldn't butt in. But what do you think?
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Private to Self, Parvarti, and Justin [22 May 2005|11:00am]
Private to SELFCollapse )

Private to PARVARTICollapse )

Private to JUSTINCollapse )
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