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Musings of an Invisible Weasley

The Journal of Ginny Weasley, Gryffindor, 5th year, Hogwarts

Ginevra Molly Weasley (Mooom, it's GINNY!)
11 August
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Name: Ginevra Molly Weasley
What the name means: Nickname, Ginny, comes from Virgina meaning "virginal" or "pure." Molly means "bitter". Weasley may come from "weasel" symbolizing sneakiness or "wheeze" meaning breathing heavily. None of these meanings really apply to Ginny.
Nicknames: Ginny, which she prefers to always be called.
Birthday: August 11, 1981
Bloodline: Pureblood
Wand: Pheonix Feather, 10 1/2", swishy
Wand Hand: Right
Animals: She helps take care of Errol, the family owl, and Pig, her brother Ron's own, whom she named, but has no animals of her own.


Home: The Burrow, near Ottery St. Catchpole, Devon
Home life: Lives with her mother, father, and six brothers, whom she loves. She is content mostly to stay with her brothers, when home, as they grew up and were schooled together, although she made friends with most of the neighbors at a very young age. Her family is very close.
Mother's Personality/Facts: Molly Weasley is a caring, motherly lady. She fusses about everyone and everything. She loves her family very much, but can also be very strict.
Father: Arthur Weasley
Father's Personality/Facts: Arthur isn't home much, but he loves his family. He is obsessed with all things Muggle. He isn't as stict as Molly when it comes to misbehaving. When she was little Ginny was very close to her father, and was something of a daddy's girl.
Siblings: Ginny has six brothers. The oldest is Bill, then Charlie, Percy, Fred and George, and last but not least Ron. Bill has always comforted and talked with her, and if she had to pick a favorite brother, it might be him, although he's more like an unlce then a brother because of the age difference. She's also not sure of her feelings for him after the recent attacks. Charlie went to Romania when she was quite young, but he taught her to fight and would let her play quidditch. He treats her no differently from his brothers, which she is grateful for. For a long time she didn't know how she felt about Percy but now she's made up with him. He's always been the smart one, wanting to spend time alone, working. Ginny worries about him, especially now that Allison's gone. He used to read her bedtime stories. Perphaps Ginny's personality is most like Fred and George. She always helped them with their pranks as a child and found them hillarious. However, she can never be that close to them because their closest to eachother. Then there's Ron. Ron has to be the brother Ginny is closet to. They fight a lot, but especially with the recent events they've shared, they can't not be close. They were also the last to be left at home from Hogwarts.


School: Hogwarts School of Withcraft and Wizardry
House: Gryffindor
Year: 6th in the Fall
Participates in: Quidditch, Dumbledore's Army (Is also a Prefect)


First Impression: It depends. Usually friendly and silly, but around adults and crushes Ginny can be very shy. She comes out of her shell soon enough though, usually.
Behaviour/Personality: She's very friendly, very outgoing, and has a good sense of humour. She can stand up for herself and has her own opinions. She has a bad temper. However, Ginny has gone through a lot. She can become moody, quiet, and thoughtful at times, mostly when she's alone wondering about what she's been through, and what is to come.
Usually Found: Flying or in the Common Room talking or studying
Philosophy of Life: You can't let things get you down. Live life to the fullest.
Alignment: Against Voldemort. Her parents are in the Order, and she's in the DA.


Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 110-115 lbs.
Eyes: Bright brown
Hair: Vivid, flaming red, worn as a long mane
Face & Complexion: Rather pale, freckled, blushes easily
Build: Short, like the twins
Defining Marks: She has a few childhood scars, has to from growing up with the twins, but nothing noticeable.
Dress Style: She dressed very casual, and tomboyish for a long time, but has begun to embrace fashion favoring clothes that are stylish and unique, and not too expensive.
Possessions Always on This Person: Just her wand, a bit of lip gloss, a lucky charm bracelet given to her by her parents for her 13th birthday, extendable ears and a Cannon's keyring she keeps on her purse. She usually also has her broom, her journal, and a novel.
Voice: Friendly, Understanding

Eyesight: Perfect.
Hearing: Good, and often aided with extendable ears.
Left/Right/Ambi: Right
Disabilities/Handicaps: None
Physical Health: Normal

IQ: 115
Extrovert/Introvert: Extrovert, yet can be shy around crushes and adults
Phobias/Fears: Death of close friends/family, being controlled.
Mental Health: Pretty much average, but she's had more happen to her than the average person, so her bad/thoughtful moods come a bit more frequently. Very emotional.


Romance Status: Single
Sexual Preference: Straight
Crush: She is beggining to get a crush on Neville Longbottom but will never admit it.
Turn Ons: Romantics, Shyness, Endearingness. Although the 'bad boy', sarcastic bit, sometimes attracts her too, but she won't admit it.
Turn Offs: Someone who hurts others purposley or has 'annoying' quirks.
Past Relationships:
She had a crush on Harry Potter for many years. Then she went out with Micheal Corner for a few months. Following that she dated Dean Thomas, but they broke up mutually.

Animal: Cat
Book: "Quidditch Through the Ages" as well as a few novels she can't choose between
Color: Red
Drink: Butterbeer
Food: Anything her Mum makes. She also has a passion for chocolate.
Music: Rock music
Scent: She can't choose. The Burrow, homemade cookies, the rain.
Thing to Do: Play Quidditch. Followed by hang out with friends and think.

Least Favourite
Animal: Snake
Book: She doesn't have one, although "Magical Me" comes pretty close, that bloke annoyed her to no end.
Color: Black
Drink: Water, so plain
Food: She has an acute taste for anything spoiled and is rater picky in that area. It doesn't matter much though cause her brothers will eat anything.
Music: Pop music, as in popular. She finds it so boring, and while catchy, pointless.
Scent: Anything rotted, blood
Thing to Do: Play Chess, Ron always made her play with him and so she's quite good, but she simply doesn't like it.

Smoking: Nope, Bill smoked for awhile, and Molly blew up at him. After tons of diagrams about how unhealthy it is, none of Ginny's siblings have any inclination to smoke.
Alcohol: With six brothers, she's used to it and really doesn't mind it at all. It's rather fun actually.
Sex: Living with six brothers, she's walked in on some things she'd rather not repeat. She would definetely not have casual sex, but if she found the right person, would have to decide.
Fighting: Has a bad temper. Is willing to defend her opinions, friends, and family.
Quirks/habits: Fidgets when restless and twirls her hair when nervous. Blushes easily. Is a teeny bit superstitious, which she won't admit.

(Disclaimer: This is a journal for the RPG Oblitesco. I am not Ginny Weasley or Bonnie Wright. Nor do I own them or any of the Harry Potter Universe. That belongs to JK Rowling and any one else it belongs to. Don't sue me.)